You’ve Got to Have a Philosophy

I once heard a football coach proclaim:

“You’ve got to have a philosophy.”

He was talking about football and game planning of course, but the more I thought about those words, it hit me how relevant they are to all facets of my life.

I have a philosophy for my Health. I eat healthy, do yoga, meditate, and work out because I want to reach my full potential and fulfill my Soul Purpose. I can’t do that if I die an early death. I go to my doctor and dentist on a regular basis to get checkups and actually take their advice.

I have a philosophy for my Relationships. I take advantage of teachable moments to mold my son into a better person. I love my wife with all my heart and cultivate our relationship by spending time with her. I treat my family and friends with respect and volunteer my time and talents to help others.

I have a philosophy for my Finances. I save as much money as possible and invest wisely so one day soon I can stop working and devote my remaining days to my Soul Purpose on a full-time basis. I seek to learn as much as possible about money so I can make better financial decisions. I am committed to paying for 100% of our son’s college costs (or trade school) so he can get a head start in life and not worry about student loan debt.

I have a philosophy at work. I treat my employees well and help develop them so they can go on and have successful careers. I seek challenging assignments that help me grow as a manager. I seek ways to save my company time and money. I expect to be paid well based on my performance.

I have a philosophy for my writing. My posts seek to inspire and spur you to action so you will reach your full potential and fulfill your own Soul Purpose.

What is your philosophy?




Live with purpose and master your finances, health, and relationships.

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Seeking Success

Seeking Success

Live with purpose and master your finances, health, and relationships.

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