Diets Suck and They Don’t Work

  1. Assess your hunger and fullness periodically throughout the day, especially before it’s time to eat. Think of it in terms of scale from one to ten, and only eat when your hunger reaches a four to six. If you can’t eat a normal meal, have a small snack when hunger strikes.
  2. Don’t limit the types of food you put on your plate — eat them in smaller amounts and at a slower pace. Don’t just eat, really taste your food. You will be surprised how much better food tastes when you slow down and savor it. I used to be the fastest eater at the table — now I am the slowest. I started timing my meals to make sure they stretched to 20 minutes, which is the time it takes for your stomach to signal to your brain that you’re full. When no foods are off-limits, they lose their control over you.
  3. Be careful with sugar. If you want a piece of cake, you can have it, just have a small piece and eat slowly. Denying myself Blizzards wouldn’t work for very long — but switching to mini Blizzards while using the intuitive eating was a game changer.
  4. Stop eating when you’re full. Once that full signal comes from the stomach, put your fork down and push your plate to the center of the table. I sometimes will have a peppermint at this point — which signals to my brain the meal is over. If you can, brush your teeth.
  5. Don’t weigh too often — or at all. I used to weigh every week, but I felt like there was too much focus on gaining or losing a pound or two. I weigh once a month now and instead focus on following the intuitive eating strategy every day.



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